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Get AI Open File Tool if you'd like to restore the content from Adobe Illustrator documents and repair the structure
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26 January 2014

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This is a tool that helps recover damaged Adobe Illustrator files.

This tool helps repair damaged Adobe Illustrator data files. This is a tool that will open corrupted Adobe Illustrator files and works across all versions of AI. There is no need for changing settings based on the version of the AI that created the file. The error analysis and recovery is guided by techniques developed by the company that help higher rates of success in the recovery process. The AI Open File Tool repairs many known errors, caused by graphic editors. After the analysis phase is completed, the tool will save the data in a clean new AI file. The interface is simple; you do not need any special skills to work the program. The process is simple. You should simply click the shortcut of open damaged AI file. A wizard will take you through the necessary steps and the recovery can be done in a few minutes.

During the analysis phase the tool parses the file and you can monitor the progress on the status bar. When this is completed, you would be able to review the results of the analysis and decide if you want to save the data or not. The trial version will let you familiarize with the tool and evaluate the analysis phase. It does not let you save the data. This you can do after you obtain a license. The tool is compatible with all Windows versions, right up to version 7. This is a good product, if you work with the Illustrator often.

Publisher's description

AI Open File Tool is everything you need to stand against the damage of Adobe Illustrator documents and fix data corruption problems in AI files. This software allows analyzing AI documents on any computer running MS Windows so you should not encounter compatibility issues. Besides, it is really easy to use and provides the same easy and friendly user interface, similar to other data recovery tools, developed by Open File Tool, Inc. It is so easy to use that you can start working and repairing Adobe Illustrator files immediately after the end of AI Open File Tool download and installation. This software features an intelligent AI file recovery engine, suitable for all available configurations, the necessary algorithm of data recovery is selected automatically as soon as you start this application. All additional settings of Adobe Illustrator repair are closed so you can only select a document of AI format to be processed and get some rest until the parsing of selected file is up and running. When it is running, you may look at the status bar of AI Open File Tool to check the progress of analysis, there are no other indicators of this procedure so please wait until it is successfully completed and preview the results of Adobe Illustrator repair to check the success of file restoration. It is not a problem if you'd like to use an older computer for AI file recovery purposes or a newer one, AI Open File Tool features the same efficiency of analysis anytime, it does not depend on hardware or software configuration. AI Open File Tool is compatible with any version of MS Windows: Windows 98/-/Windows 7. Free version of AI Open File Tool is available to anyone without additional provisions so you may get this application as soon as one or more documents in Adobe Illustrator format are damaged and start recovering.
AI Open File Tool
AI Open File Tool
Version 2.0.1
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